Here we discuss about our rendering workflow.

Rendering workflow means the process of getting final delivery step by step. There are couples of steps and work processes involve in architectural rendering. Due to our client’s understanding, we separated our rendering process for getting final delivery into 5 stages so that clients can easily understand how they geting their delivery

Our Rendering Workflow

Stage 1: Pre start- First meeting

We shall arrange a meeting via call or video conference or messaging after clients agreement or convincing of particular project for gathering all the requirements and details about the project. Clients can include as many stakeholder or partner as he can. After that we can start the work properly and make a clear vision for the final project outcome.

What we shall discuss:

  • Position of stakeholder
  • Project brief
  • Reference and materials 
  • Final outcome format
  • Process and milestones

Note*- The first stage is most important for getting the best quality final output for us. We are discussed about all the details drawing and design innovation in that stage. We also insure all of our requirements for completing the particular project.

Stage 2: Modeling & Artistic details

Modeling: Preparing 3D modeling from a 2D plan or drawing is the main priority at this stage. Normally, it takes 3-5 days to complete the 3D modeling but larger projects take a long time also depend on the detailed work of the modeling. Clients should provide as much detailed information as they can so that the architectural detailing of the model could be perfect.

After that, we shall provide the 3D model or modeling image from different angles for approval. Clients should have checked the architectural detailing of the model. When the modeling is final then we shall move to artistic detailing for preparing render.

Artistic Details: When the 3D modeling is done, we usually take decisions about artistic details from clients. Details like environments, time of a day, lighting condition, furniture, décor style, camera angle, vegetation, and supporting details like people, car, shop, building, etc. Clients can also provide this info at the first meeting if he wants.

Stage 3: First Delivery Render

We shall send the first delivery to render image or animation for the client’s review. All of your stakeholders like Architects, Developers, and Marketing agencies can provide their feedbacks and markups to get the expected outcome.

There will be significant changes like materials, lighting, texture, the environment also color, and other details. Markups can be drawn with a printed copy or digital tools like Redpen IO, Lightshot. The client’s perfect review is very much important for further modification delivery. We can also discuss the changes or modifications via chat or conference call.

Note*- Our clients should make modification markups as clear as possible in their expected revision options. Additional changes at the later stage may charge extra. Also, the timeline can be an important factor for further modifications.

Stage 4: Second Draft

We shall send the second delivery render or animation based on the markups/modifications in that stage for the second review. we expected to have fewer modifications or comments at this delivery as it is a modified version from the first delivery.

Our main goal for this stage to make some valuable final comments and move to the final render. Also all the comments can be at the same point of particular sections like materials, lighting, texture, the environment also color, and other details.

Note- This modification phase can take 24-48 hours based on the work volume on that phase. Our clients make the modification carefully at these two-stage. Further modification can take extra charges and also included the time frame.

Stage 5: Final delivery

This is the final stage for getting the final delivery render. We shall send the final render delivery in lower resolution to our clients for approval. Clients can check the expected output, architectural features, and details are incorporated into the render.

After that, we shall send the final render delivery with FULL HD 4K resolution. But before that clients should complete the full payment process. Although our deliverable render can be used in any of market needs like printing for billboards, website uploading, and brochures. We also send the modeling or source file including the final delivery if required.

Its our responsibility to make this journey as smooth as possible. We wish to assist you and provide an amazing rendering to use the creatives for your business purpose.