Floor Plan Rendering Service: For Better Interior & Exterior Visualization

Planning on getting your project on the run? Or are you just a real estate agent who is looking to sell properties? Then look no further, Floor plans are the best way to get the project up & running.

Floor plan rendering service is a great way to visualize the development of your project. Whether it’s investors for the project or a potential buyer, you can showcase the details of the project through a floor plan. Photorealistic 3D floor plans are a way of seeing the future. 

3D floor planning can provide necessary insight if anything needs to be changed in the project. You can pan out if the layout is perfect for your intention of the space. Whether it’s residential or industrial, you can see through all your needs before going to the construction phase. 

As a residential buyer, you can see if the space is perfect for your vision as a home. The furniture layout, the TV placement & even the amount of light coming through in the morning. There are basically two types of Floor plan rendering services. Let’s get a deeper insight into them, shall we? 

2D Floor Plan rendering Service

A 2D floor plan not only showcases the layout of the space but also presents the property in the simple way possible. Potential buyers or construction firms can get a more straightforward visual into the property. 2d floor plans can be drawn to any specification including the landscaping details of the site. 

Using 2D floor pan texture can bring out the home’s layout. You can add a coloring touch to your plans if you want. This includes carpets, tiles, and furniture. A detailed 2D floor planning service can provide much more clearance to potential buyers. 

Why Do You Need a 2D Floor Planning Service? 

Enough with the chit-chat, let’s go down to business. Here are the reasons why it’s essential to have a 2D floor plan drawing. 

Essential for Any Property  

If you want to sell a property, then you need to show them the 2D floor plans. It’s the easiest way to realize how the layout is. You don’t need to add extra sweat to explain everything. It’s all there in the plan, where you are coming in, where the living room is, everything. 

Adding colors to get better visual

Adding texture to your floor plan such as carpets, tiles can bring out the best from a plan. Suppose you are looking into a remote location, you need to have an idea of how the color scheme is. If you are looking for an office, you can get a better understanding of how you can make your office look great. 

Adding color visuals can make the sale real quick. 

Give Consumers What They Want

You want to confirm the final floor plans before they can be handed over for construction. There are several confusions from the consumer’s perspective. They might even want something now & get rid of it later. 

In this sort of scenario, you would want to know what the consumer wants from the property. Luckily 2D plans are easily changeable before going further along with the project. Always show a different perspective to the consumers. Because floor plans are the base of future constructions. 

You can’t say in the middle of construction – I want the kitchen there. 

Getting a Better Idea of the Space 

As said before, observing a remote location can get tough. You can’t get a real-life experience of the space around. 2D floor plans can solve this problem. You can add furniture according to the consumer’s needs. This can give a greater idea to the consumers about the space around the property. 

Great for Advertising

If you are in the real estate business or just a person looking to sell property, then 2D floor plans are the best way to advertise your property. The 2D illustration is perfect for brochures and flyers. You can even upload the floor plan drawing online at property buy and sell websites. This will give potential buyers a clear idea of the property before contacting you to know more. 

3D Floor Plan Rendering Service

3D floor plans are a great way to give an intuitive way of making sure the 2D blueprint is working as planned. It gives a better visual of the rooms, spacing, furniture, interior & decors. It provides proper insights into the space & a real-life experience on how the property would feel after construction. 

With the rise of technology, 3D visualization is becoming the norm at present times. People want to get a better visual of the property. 2D floor plans may give you an idea of what you can expect, but 3D floor plans show you the real picture of how the property will look after construction. 

Why Do You Need a 3D Floor Planning Service?

Giving Better Visual to Clients 

A picture is worth a thousand words. 2D floor plans are the start of the property, you can get a basic idea of the layout. But you can’t just mumble about the 2D plan on how it would be after construction. You need to give a 3D floor plan to show the client how the property would be like. 

The clients or consumers can get a clear idea by themselves. You don’t need to say a word to them. If they want an insight then you can speak about it. A 3D plan makes you & your client’s job much easier. 

Selling Properties to Distant Clients

The world is moving at a rapid pace now. People barely have time in the business world to catch their breath. Businesses are expanding different operations to different sectors. Checking remote office locations physically isn’t an option. You need to make the sale by giving a perfect visual of the space. 

3D Floor plan rendering is the perfect solution. It gives an exact visual of the space like you are there checking it out. You don’t need to go there & see if it’s good for a 15 person meeting room or adequate for a 50 person office space. You just add in your furniture elements to see if everything checks out. 

Modern 3D visualization softwares has made it possible to accurately guess the visualization of space after construction. 

Planning the Internal Decor 

Many people rush in to buy a property, but later find out that it just doesn’t fit right. There are numerous misunderstandings between real estate agents & potential buyers. Property is not like something you don’t like & go to the market to buy a new one. It’s something that people want to be perfect. 

3D Floor planning has made it easier for people to imagine how their homes would be like. Whether it’s an office space or a home, you can get an accurate view of the space sitting on a computer. Choosing a color scheme or seeing if the space is good for the couch can be done in a flash. 

3D floor plan rendering service has been a blessing to the modern world for visualizing the future. 


Visualizing a property couldn’t get easier. With detailed information & a floor plan or a sketch, you can get your whole project plan done. It can be hard to imagine a space with every detail in mind. But with our assistance, you can carry out every detail swiftly. 

We get into a detailed discussion with what our clients need. Every bit of information is important for us. We provide precise dimensions & give our input in the project for better understanding. 

If you are unsure about the final layout, then look no further. Consult with our expert team to get our insights on the matter. We are not only looking to provide your floor planning solution but to give you your well-thought plan a real-life output. Here in PicArch, we care about your inputs & thoughts.