PicArch is a 3D Architectural Visualization and Rendering Studio based in Bangladesh, cooperating with companies from the whole world. We create architectural 3D visualizations and existing in the business for over 6 years. Sharing knowledge and experience with our clients, we have been supporting their development so that they have been cooperating with us for so long. PicArch is a team of designers of various specializations. It consists of architects, interior designers and landscape designers. Together, we are able to rise to any challenge.


We create image that can communicate. Our top priority is to fulfill or exceed client specifications and ensure time-bound delivery of projects, regardless of design or drawing complexity. We have the passion and the ability to focus on even the smaller details and we will transforms your inspiration into realistic and high quality renderings packages and web page editors


PicArch is a dedicated team of Bangladeshi architects, interior designers and artists who ventured into the world of 3D Architectural rendering. Our design feedback and technical knowledge transform your inspiration into realistic and high-quality renderings. We speak the same “language” and share the same “artistic sensibility” with our clients. OUR MAIN FOCUS IS OUR CLIENTS SATISFACTION AND ADDING VALUE TO THEIR WORK. PROVIDING BEST QUALITY RENDER SERVICES WITHIN AFFORDABLE PRICES.

Affordable services

we’re committed to creating value.

Simply put, we’re not in the business of 3D visualization/rendering just to make money. Our goal is to help you, the client increases the value of your business and/or your investment. Because when you succeed, then we naturally succeed in our mission.

Give us the initial information about what your project will entail. Ask the questions you need answered, and let’s get the ball rolling on our discovery process. Rest assured that once you talk with us, it will be easy for you to decide if we’re the right 3D visualization partner for you.